the satire of a mockingbird

…of mixed emotions

I really did feel guilty not being to show up but having someone talk to you rudely really makes it all different. Yes, I was at fault for not showing up but hey, I never promised I was coming anyway. I was simply assumed, and I guess that’s how it always was. But come on people, a little understanding will be very much appreciated. Maybe because I am not the type to speak up and yes I try not to complain as much as I can but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay.

Okay yes, I will admit that it is my fault for not showing up a lot of times, especially those times I said I would, and for that I am sorry. Maybe there are reasons as to why I was not able to show up and maybe these reasons are valid.

This time I won’t say I’ll make up for it. Breaking a promise is traumatic and it just makes your mistake weigh double. 

Oh well, come what may.

xiang-xin said: Woot. What's your pottermore account? :)

waah! can’t remember. inactive. haha. i think its AsphodelGalleon15. though i’m not sure. will message you when i’m sure na. :D

Jang Geun Suk with Logan Lerman? 0_0

Jang Geun Suk with Logan Lerman? 0_0

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I don’t understand the lyrics but it’s one of those songs i would put on my ‘rainy day playlist’. It’s relaxing to listen to.


为你弹奏萧邦的夜曲 /
For you, I play Chopin’s Nocturne
纪念我死去的爱情 /
To commemorate this deceased love of mine

而我为你隐姓埋名 /
And for you, I’ve become anonymous
在月光下弹琴 /
Playing piano under the moonlight

“夜曲 (Ye Qu)” - Jay Chou.


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Photo Courtesy: 9gag


Photo Courtesy: 9gag


Proposed Facebook buttons. Hope they’ll implement it, I’m excited!

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